My greatest joy is to guide you to discover the seed inside you that is wanting to awaken. Like an unwelcomed guest it may appear as  a symptom, a problem or a deep discontent. This process will help you turn your attention inward, find your potential and bring it into the world. 

I work with clients using body/mind compassionate awareness practices, somatic and psychospiritual approaches including expressive arts therapy.

 I believe everyone has an inner artist for whom expression is natural and necessary. This expression is important to maintain the flow of life force energy. It’s an essential element in our overall health and healing. 

Somatic Therapy 


"When there is unrest in the body, there is unrest in the mind." Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD

I use a blend of body mind approaches that access the wisdom of the body. What is unconscious can be made conscious through a deeper connection to the mind in the body. Somatic therapies are essential for healing shock and development trauma. 

Using a synthesis of approaches you can strengthen your ability to regulation feelings and emotions, train your mind to lessen obsessive thinking and learn somatic skills that alleviate stress. 

The somatic approaches I practice include: EMDR, TFT, kidney and adrenal functioning support, somatic experiencing techniques, yoga, breath work, and mindfulness practices. I've trained with Kathy Kain: touch skills for working with the resolution of trauma.